Our Story

“At La Cave de Bruno we are fully committed to offering wine lovers something new and different”.

We are continuously researching, tasting and meeting with small and individual wine makers, allowing us to import directly from their vineyards straight to our front door in East Dulwich. Giving our customers the chance to experience wines that are not available anywhere else in the UK.

Born from a passion for wine that both Lou and Bruno wanted to share with friends and neighbours in their local area, La Cave de Bruno opened it’s doors for the very first time back in January 2014…

The story started on Lou’s 40th birthday when herself and Bruno were visiting a very special winemaker, Benjamin at Domaine Dioynsos in the Rhône Valley. They found the wines to be simply stunning and from that moment on felt very strongly that they had to share with all. The rest, as they say, is a small piece of history!

In addition to their own imported wines and spirits and the ever so popular barrel re-fill system, La Cave de Bruno also offers an extensive range from across the continent, along with a range of craft beers.

“The idea of the terrace is to give our customers a chance to try different wines that they may not normally choose”

La Cave de Bruno’s Terrace is a tranquil place to sit and enjoy wines by the glass whilst watching the world go by.

Wines are changed on a weekly basis, giving customers a chance to sample the flavours and charms